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Kubuntu 10.10: Hide Unwanted Session Types in KDM

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While I predominantly use KDE on Kubuntu 10.10, I like to have a couple of other lightweight desktop environments installed so that I have graphical options if anything happens to my KDE installation (as sometimes happens when upgrading KDE).

I installed WindowMaker and LXDE as my alternatives, however, doing so also added KDM session entries for Openbox and KDE/Openbox, and I'm not interested in those.

Removing those entires is relatively simple.  Open a root shell, open the files in a text editor (I like nano for simple jobs), then add the line "Hidden=true" to each of the files.

nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox.desktop
nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox-gnome.desktop
nano /usr/share/xsessions/openbox-kde.desktop


Last Updated ( Monday, 07 March 2011 02:07 )

Kubuntu 10.10: Reclaim the root login

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I recently switched from openSuse 11.3 to Kubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) after ten years of using SuSE/openSuse.  Since Kubuntu is fond of using sudo to perform admin tasks, the first order of business was to reclaim authority over root.

Note that sudo is fine for the odd task or two, but if you are going to be doing some serious admin work, doing it as root will save you from constantly having to type sudo.

The procedure is as folllows:

sudo passwd root
<your password>
<new root password>
<new root password again>

You can now login to a root shell with a clean environment (`su - root'), perform your admin tasks, and then `exit' back to a normal user shell.

Last Updated ( Monday, 07 March 2011 01:52 )

MSM Continues to Lie About Quantity of Published Cables

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The mainstream media are continuing to lie about the number of leaked cables that Wikileaks has published, and also the manner (indiscriminate) of the so-called "dumping" of the cables. Glenn Greenwald over at Salon takes on Time and CNN about their apparently willful parroting of false information.  To be clear, Wikileaks has not dumped 250,000 cables.  They haven't even published one percent of them yet.  As of his writing, eleven days into the releases, they have released 1,269 cables out of 251,287 cables they have in their possession.  The cables they have released are largely the same ones that major newspapers have released, and they have redacted the released cables in the same manner as those major newspapers.  Hardly "indiscriminate dumping" of "thousands" (or hundreds of thousands) of cables.

If the media will lie, and boldly defend their lies, about such easy-to-prove facts, it makes one wonder what else they are lying about.  But don't take my word for it, check out the Cablegate page yourself to see how many have been published.  Oh, unless you work for the government--then you are forbidden from determining if the media is lying to you.

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 December 2010 15:13 )

Supreme Court Defends Free Speech

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The Onion reports that the Supreme Court has issued a ruling defending free speech:

Added Ginsburg, "In short, freedom of speech means the freedom of fucking speech, you ignorant cocksuckers."

'nuff said.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 December 2010 12:30 )

EFF Issues Antidote to Fear

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released an analysis of the freedom of the press with regards to publishing the Wikileaks information.  While I'm appreciative of their analysis, I remain unconvinced that it will make anyone less fearful, including me.  I've included the analysis below, as their work is all licensed under the Creative Commons; however, I still recommend readers peruse their website.

Information is the Antidote to Fear: Wikileaks, the Law, and You

Legal Analysis by Kevin Bankston

When it comes to Wikileaks, there's a lot of fear out there on the Internet right now.

Between the federal criminal investigation into Wikileaks, Senator Joe Lieberman's calls for companies to stop providing support for Wikileaks and his suggestion that the New York Times itself should be criminally investigated, Senator Dianne Feinstein's recent Wall Street Journal op-ed calling for prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and even the suggestion by some that he should be assassinated, a lot of people are scared and confused.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 December 2010 12:23 ) Read more...

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